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Spin off of LUE, Was okay when it started out but because of the non-private ways every user there now thinks they're LUEsers even if they don't have nor have ever had access to LUE. Members of LUE2 are also dumb enough to call themselves n00bs while attempting to define the word LUE2 to mean something good whilst bashing a place that doesn't exist at the same time.
by Darke March 14, 2005
The message board with the best users around. A lot are former LUEsers and excellent posters that are awesome at pwning gay LLers when they "invade" the forum. Watch out for BRO, he's really pwnsome >_> and SS and Vash as well because they can B& j00r ass! Degan and haifista and the two local trolls. Haifista is just an asshole and Degan posts stories that are nothing but liezzzzz. Then there are the awesome users:
The Nick, BRO, poke mon, Shattered Soul, Vishnu, LightBringer, That One Chick, Sinner, and many more!
Go there now or die, bitch!
LLer: LUE2 sUx, LoLz!!11
Pwnsome LUE2ser: STFY!
*LLer gets B& by Silent Strike*
All of LUE2: How pathetic... *goes back to fapping*
by The Spanish Inquisition March 09, 2005
The Best message boards of all the Gamefaqs/LUE spinoffs Owned by Snake/Silentstrike/Scud(all one person, now located at gamingevolved.net
LUE2 PWNs LUElinks in all ways shapes and forms.
by The Truth March 23, 2005
Best message board around. Better than than LUElinks(which doesn't exist, go figure). LUE2 has better users and is a more kind community. LUElinks is worse and has no sense of humor. It doesn't deserve to be on the internet and deseres to be shut down because of several hacks done on the site.
Child: Mommy, I want to go LUElinks!
Mommy: Sorry honey but it doesn't exist.
Child: >:(
Mommy: Go to LUE2 honey, its better and you won't get flamed for being a n00b!
Child: yay!
by The guy who fucked LUElinks March 09, 2005
A message board which has caused the destruction of luelinks
luelinks got pissed at lue2 because they were making lue2links. luelinks tried to invade lue2, but the great admin silentstrike gave them a silentstrike and deleted their website.
by girl March 09, 2005
One of the best, if not the best message board in the world.
Great community
Great board style
Great additions to the site
Great porn >_>
Semi great Userbase

And best of all, it has LzyRob3 >_>
LUE2 pwnt LUElinks attemped invasion
by Santa Clause March 06, 2005
Lue2>LueLinks Best.Board.Evar. Better than Luelinks x10
Lue2 is way better than Luelinks and always will be.
by xxMasterChad March 07, 2005