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You say LOL jk but seriously though after you say something offensive to someone or about something.

Only say this on the internet or texting. If you want to say it in real life, say "Haha. Just kidding. . but seriously though".

*It can be reduced to: LOL jk but seriously
Example 1

Lily: Dude, Sally needs to stop making out with everyone.
Mary: I know right! She's such a whore. LOL jk but seriously though.

Example 2
(John is driving his girlfriend's bug)
Bill: Hey, John, can you give me a ride?
John: Sure, man!
(they walk to John's car)
Bill: Whoa. Dude, that is one fruity car. Haha just kidding. . .but seriously though.
John:. . . that's my girlfriends car. .
by Lily Snape June 29, 2011
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