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LOFL stands for "L-O-fucking-L" or "Laugh out fucking loud". Used when LOL just isn't enough.
If someone sends you something realllly funny, and lol just won't do, you would say, "LOFL"
by Aline Olivie November 05, 2013
you: hey, look what I did
me: LOFL, your too funny
by Sweet-Thing June 15, 2011
An acronym meaning 'laying on the floor laughing'. It is commonly used by those who do not which to roll on the floor to avoid getting dust and other residue on their clothing.
The idea Danny had was so stupidly funny that i began to lofl.
by J-Skizzy October 05, 2010
Laughing out fucking loud.
He was LOFL over his friend who was fucking wasted.
by Siigari October 10, 2009
Laugh Out Fucking Loud
"When Jim fell on the miget I LOFL'd so hard!
by Dyldo Baggins May 27, 2009
compilation of "lol" and "rofl", making it twice as much laughing as any previous acronym
"that makes me lofl so hard"

just feel free to use it anywhere lol or rofl could be used.
by Fuck Hewson June 03, 2007
Like ROFL "roll on floor laughing" but LOFL "lay on floor laughing" ... 'Cause I'm too lazy to roll.
Lofl, he is such a pussy; all talk no game.
by AYlaWhite October 12, 2011