Lick Me Hard.
1: Hey Jim, LMH!
2: What?
1: Lick me hard!
by Sternwall June 24, 2011
Top Definition
Laughing mad hard
Omg did you see her new track?

Yeah, I was like LMH!
by Soccerlegs March 11, 2011
Laughing in My Head, most people text lol when everybody knows they arent laughing out loud.
"hey man that chick ugly"
"LMH i know"
by J. Brewer February 11, 2014
Lick my hole
Two men were arguing and when one man entered his home he yelled "LMH!" to the other man as he drove off.
by S. Olive August 04, 2010
Lmh is probably, the true definition of lmfao lol rofl AND lml In reality, you aren't moving anywhere, you aren't laughing BUT you think that what the person just said was funny or it had some humor in it, but not enough to ACTUALLY laugh.
Bob: Today Ms.Daniels hair looked like a banana spilt.
Steve: Lmh.
Bob: You shoulda saw it.
by Lamanzana Salcedo! August 04, 2010
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