Laughing so much
That was funny, lmaonaise
by Bentley Price February 28, 2009
the true defention of Lmaonaise is when a young 17 year old summerschool nazi in training (N.I.T) laughs so hard he produces a mixture of menstrual blood and from his mangina once a month at a rate of 14 mL/minute
dude look! ...cameron lmaonaised all over mr czechman
by fromper September 07, 2008
when you want to say "lmao" (laughing my ass off), but want to be rockin' than everybody else.
charles: dude i just said a quite hilarious anecdote

michale-alexander: LMAONAISE!
by rancor June 06, 2004
A form of laughable substance to enhance any kind of artificial chewing substance.
This artififial chewing substance would be much better if I added my Lmaonaise
by Nageek August 04, 2006

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