Laughing in silently.

If you are laughing but not out loud, dont type lol when you should be typig lis.

Its worse when you are on webcam and see the other person not laughing out loud and yet typing lol.

webcammer1: lol
webcammer2 : But I dont see you laughing out loud, why are you saying lol?
webcammer1: Oh sorry, I meant ..
webcammer1: lis!
webcammer2: good girl
by moedefoe April 30, 2009
Abbreviation for the 1960s TV series "Lost In Space".
I just bought a DVD of one of the worst eps of LIS, "The Great Vegetable Rebellion"!
by pentozali March 27, 2009
Laughing In Silence or the opposite of laughing out loud.
Silkyass65: ur a major fruity tutti dipshit ass-licking jackass

Pandaballdude: Lis
by Alex Garcia March 19, 2005
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