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1. Used as a term of endearment toward a friend

2. Used as a term of condescension to back down (or perhaps fire up) someone who is getting a little too riled up.

3. At the end of a statement to convey a sense of security when your bros may doubt you.

4. Sometimes used when meeting a hot bitches' new puppy.
1. Hey lil' fellar! Whatcha been doin'?

2. Take it easy lil' fellar. I wouldn't want you to get hurt!

3. Don't worry lil' fellar, I'll take care of it.

4. Hey lil' fellar! You sure are cute. What's your name!
by NATHANINBOONE August 22, 2006
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1. Used as a term of condescension to further agitate an escalating situation of violence with someone who is smaller than you in stature.

2. Once used ad nauseum, becomes an endearing term among your bros.
1. "Easy lil' fellar...I wouldn't want you to get hurt!"

2. "Hey, lil' fellar...Watcha been doin'?"
by NATHANINBOONE August 23, 2006

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