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noun: any girl who is easily impressed by a man who can provide the basic necessities of life

plural: LIGs are an archetype of hood-rats

antonym: any girl who is a LIG at heart but attempts to blend in with females on the other side of the poverty line; aka "daywalker"
"When I went up to the bar, this LIG (Low Income Girl) was staring at my wallet"

"I had a LIG (Low Income Girl) over and she was impressed by the fact my thermostat was set at 73* in the middle of winter"

" This one LIG (Low Income Girl) felt bad accepting free food at my house"

" Once a LIG, always a LIG"

" This LIG downed 1 bottle of white wine, 2 beers, and drove home an hour later"

" I've never met an Amanda that wasn't a LIG"

" This LIG hadn't seen a dentist in years"

" We went to pick up these LIGs, they were chilling on top of their trailer home"
by .R. December 15, 2009
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