LHM stems from a limited usuage in AIM and is an acronym which means "Laugh Heartily (to) Myself". It is generally used in place of "lol" by people who don't generally use the "lol" acronym.
I rule so much! LHM!!
by Thomas Brownlee October 03, 2005
Top Definition
Lord have mercy
this boy just said south carolina was a country LHM
by willy_law January 23, 2010
Acronym, often used in text, for 'lawd hab mercy.'

1. Used when one finds something so exhaustively unteachable it would be unfair to punish such naivety.

2. Asserting buffoonery.

3. Sometimes used in response to sensational experiences. An unbelievable event.
Ten year old Kijon runs to his mother Kristi in excitement waving the stool he found in the toilet and Kristi, shaking her head, sighs "lhm!"

I haven't seen Candice in years, lhm she's all grown up now!

Lhm I'm stuffed! Great meal.
by Uncle Bill McGyll October 12, 2011
Life hates me
Person 1: UGH FML
Person 2: UGH LHM
by XOXO<333 September 04, 2009
Lord help me!
not happy at all...Lhm...these people done made things harder
by Quietstorm86 May 04, 2009
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