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Life Essence Over Internet Protocol. Invented by Blizzard in 2004 for use in their MMO World of Warcraft. Was later adopted by many other game companies of similarly addictive online games. LEOIP's purpose was to slowly siphon the life out of players until they have no life whatsoever.
1: "Hey, isn't 3 supposed to be at the party?"
2: "No, he said it was raid night. He has no life."
1: "LEOIP claims another victim. Let's drink to 3's level 90."
3: "This noob doesn't even know how to DPS properly! OMG, get out of the instance you retard! Healer, this is all your fault! DK, you said you came geared! GREEN ISN'T GEARED! GRR!"
by nictyn December 04, 2012
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