LDB = lonely desperate bitch

girls who have never had a boyfriend and so go out to parties, get extremely drunk and lose their virginity to randoms
"she is so LDB right now
by u_wanna_be_me November 07, 2008
Top Definition
Loud drunk bitches
The LDBs at the club last night were out of control.
by DrFunkenstein14 September 19, 2010
an abbreviation for Lick Deez balls that is used as slang
You can just ldb
you all can ldb
unkenstein LDB!!!
by Anthony "tre" the pimp July 12, 2006
Long dick boi
"Damn, you're a ldb"
by ErvyGrls January 27, 2015
long distance beauty
Wow! Guys look at that! As she approached we realized she was ugly as sin. Dude, she was a ldb!
by John C Holland March 29, 2009
slang for lil dumb bitch a.k.a the girl that live in Erwinville. Becareful them LDB's got gonnerhea
You fucked her without a condom!?!
Yea, I think I got gonnerhea from that LDB.
Aww maynee me too.
She didnt tell me she had it.
Bruh she didnt tell me either.
by Jennifer Neill & Ashlee Aucoin February 06, 2011
Long Distance Booze
My buddy moved away so now we LDB while playing xbox online.
by highvoltz February 22, 2009

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