Short for "later dude". Used to signify departure, disapproval, or denial. Appropriate for use in all situations: when someone is leaving a conversation online; when exiting a formal dinner with business associates; to suggest disagreement with another person, etc. Can also be pronounced as a full word: "uld".
"You want me to buy YOU lunch? Uhh...LD."

"$4000 a month? Hahahahah....LD."

"Take care folks. It was good to see you, as always. I look forward to doing business with you. LD."

"I agree with sections A 1.5 through C 2.7, but everything after section C 2.7 can get the old LD. No, really. LD."
by G. Bennick December 19, 2004
Top Definition
Long Dick
"Do you wanna cuddle, or do you want the LD"
by My Third Leg, Knee Grows Knows March 20, 2003
1. Long Dick (Jake from 'Booty Call' www.romp.com)
2. Lock Down
3. Low Down
1. "Yo girl, you want the LD?"
2. "You can't be contacted if you're in lock down."
3. "What's the LD with this party tonight."
by Diego August 18, 2003
When you try to type :D but hit L instead of :
friend: Dude, I just found $100 on the ground
me: LD
me: :D
by lolhow September 08, 2008
abbreviation for "Lincoln-Douglas"
I rock by virtue of the fact that I got first place in LD Debate
by A equals A April 11, 2005
a learning disability or one of your dumbass friends
Marcus is a ma' fuckin ld.
by Ricky Rivers September 15, 2003
adj. learning disabled or commonly used to say learing dum dum
yooo that boy is sooo LD

yeah i know right, he was special
by The troll and the grimlin November 04, 2011
long dick, a long penis
common misconception is thatgirls want his, but small penises have actually been known to be far more pleasing, prehaps because of more effort on the part of the man?
by BritBird November 07, 2004

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