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LC Dior is the real life barbie everything that everyone wants to be. She's a fashion/hair/make up addict. One of the most unique people you'll ever meet. Her confidence, attitude, and style will amaze you. She's the queen of the party scene. Check her out on google.
"OMG you're lyke pretty" "God told me that being so FIERCE is very unhealthy, maybe thats why Im sick all the time?" - LC Dior
by kidiekidd April 06, 2010

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celebrity fashion model culture dior internet jet lc pop scene
LC Dior- Pop culture socialite, model and celebrity cosmetologist. The fearless pan sexual dares to bring a new light to the entertainment industry. His friends being A-List stars themselves have given LC the knowledge and charisma to accomplish dreams. LC Dior is one that travels the globe and when bored...will randomly jet off to NYC. For more information on this pop icon....try Google.
LC Dior
by DefinitionGoddess November 26, 2009