Long Black Dick
"She likes the LBD"
by HG8 March 23, 2010
Lesbian Bed Death.
"First it dries up, then it shrivels up, then it closes up, then it disappears. Poof."
-Queer as Folk

Lesbian: Ever since my partner gave birth, we've been having troubles with our sex life.
Gay man: Uh oh, looks like someone's experiencing LBD.
Lesbian: Dude, shut up.
by little_one January 04, 2008
Stands for Likes Black Dick. This term dates back to the mid 2000's and is used to describe young female whites who usually get this diesese when they enter their local high school as freshman and it continues on until as long as they feel the black males need their assistance. These young white females are termed LBD's for their sudden urge to date/please usually older black males. The black males use their general knowlege of the white females to lure them in any way they can. It is generally the older blacks who go after the younger, unsuspecting whites for their weakness of being easy to take advantage of and their inexperience of the world around them. No one knows why they fall into these traps, but some ancient astronomers believe that it may be that the LBD's want more attention from bystanders and/or they feel the recognition is good for their name, when in all actuality, it brings shame upon their family's name and anyone they dub their "friends". These white females who are named LBD are imediatly disrespected by the surrounding white males and are verbally chirped by them for the period that they have the diesese.
Check out the broad over there, total LBD.

Hey LBD, why don't you cut your loses and step outta the dark.

Man I can't believe Betty is an LBD, she was such a good girl in middle school too.

Dude, please tell me she's not and LBD?
It's true, I can't believe it either.
by isu14 June 14, 2010
close in meaning to it's cousin, the SBD silent but deadly fart, this one means Loud but deadly, for those double whammy's that are both loud AND deadly.
when my boyfriend ripped an LBD at the restaurant, i knew it was time to make him an Ex.
by E. Flamingo July 28, 2008
L= Link it
B= Bash it
D= Dash it

It means your going to go out with them. then shag them. then dump then. Simple.
Ah i'm gonna LBD that!
by GangsterSuperstar May 17, 2008
An acronym for "Load bearing Decal".
A: That sticker was harder to tear than the cardboard it was on.

B: You were dealing with an LBD.
by elf 232 November 25, 2008
Low Black Dress!
It appers in the N-Dubz song "I Need You"

You left me standing in my LBD and my Bang Bang Shoes
I was so confused!?
by Shabarky December 11, 2009

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