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Someone who comes from or lives in Los Angeles.
A: Man, there sure are a lot of LAliens here tonight!
B: This is a Lakers game, you retard.
by kwirk December 01, 2005
Someone who lives in Los Angeles.
A: There sure are a lot of LAliens here!
B: Uhh, this is a Lakers game.
by kwirk February 10, 2006
People of Los Angeles that are out of this world!
1. That chick is suuuucchhh a LAlien... its as if she visits from LA LA LAnd...

2. That place is packed of LAliens!

3. Have you met @moguel... follow that LAlien on twitter...
by Moguelli Bonacelli June 24, 2010
A "citizen" of LA or the surrounding vicinity that is cleary and flamboyantly mexican or spanish. Has no consideration that we have no idea what the hell they're saying when speaking to a common American.
Dude, i was walking by a construction site and there were a couple of LAliens and they were shouting at me with all their rolled "rrrr"s and their "ñ"s. I just walked away.
by Rippard July 31, 2010