see landon or landon guy. the essence of sweet lax.
everyone sweats the landon guys lax skills
by hotstuff June 05, 2004
To completely lay someone out.
Ima lax that kid if he doesn't shut up.
by John Bittles May 27, 2007
The airport in Los Angeles. LAX = LA, MCI Kansas City, DFW = Dallas/Ft. Worth
My flight lands at LAX and I have a lay over.
by yo mama September 11, 2003
sickest sport ever. Though im soooooooo bad and ill never be like scott at it. wow hes the best.
Scott is soooooo cool.
by Connie Scholz February 23, 2003
1. Los Angeles International Airport
2. Supplement to speed up digestive tract
3. Da most brosome game in da world. Invented by those indians, playin it and canada and something to do wit the other lax bros.
1. OMG, LAX is one of the worst airports i've ever been to next to Hartsfield-Jackson and La Guardia.
2. Bitch, get me some lax. I gotta take a shit!
3. Just finished chillin with da lax bros. Gotta go to da lax practice to go beat those hoes.
by T. Brostein March 21, 2011
a word used to describe ones "swag" clothing, often used by urban hipsters and guidos.
Also used to describe shitting the bed or your pants.. usually your pants though.
Bros, this is just lax clothing I'm not gonna wear my laundry shirts I go out in on a sunday night.

You guys are going lax out there.
*snickers*Chebull's swag clothing?
No, your shitting your pants.
by Bigger Easy September 26, 2010
Short for "Lacrosse" An activity in which mostly homosexuals participate in.
"What are they doing?" "Tossing there ball with sticks" "Is tht LAX ?" "No its an orgy"
by Baseketball31 April 14, 2009
Short for Latin American eXchange, a stable in TNA wrestling. The group consists of Konnan, the leader, Homicide, the fast guy, and (Hotstuff) Hernandez, the power man. Originally Apolo was in place of Hernandez, and then Machete who returned to push around Konnan's wheelchair when he was "injured". They have been in feuds with such teams as the Voodoo Kin Mafia (aka New Age Outlaws) with BG James (roaddogg)s dad, Team 3D (aka the dudley boys), Chris Daniels and AJ Styles, and Hector Guerrero. They are very good wrestlers and have a highly marketable gimmick, being "militant thugs".
Homicide uses a finisher called the Cop/Gringo Killa, aka the Kudoh driver/Vertebreaker, which can easily break your neck, and Hernandez uses a move called the BorderToss, which involves him throwing his opponent from a crucifix powerbomb position all the way across the ring. Hernandez is also notable for being remarkably agile, despite being around 6'2" and 300 lbs of solid muscle, and does suicide dives to the outside and other visually stunning moves for a man his size.
LAX 5150
That Gringo Killa Homicide did on AJ was sickening, I thought his neck snapped like a popsicle stick.
Hernandez threw some jobber clear across the ring with the Bordertoss, and nobody gets up from that.
by zantaf August 12, 2007

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