A game; similar to that of i spy, where players will point out as many of the overtly-indie demographic as possible. Usually played in places where many can be seen at once (I.E. Silversun pickups concerts, malls,thrift stores, large cities, urban outfitter, etc.)
Shane: Oh! LATFH! Suck it!
Van: Damn, yeah i'll count it. So the scores now, what, 8 to 6?
Shane: 6 1/2
van: How?
Shane: Trendy Midget I saw In the food court
by That guy van September 12, 2010
Top Definition
Acronym: Look at this fucking hipster!
(Google Chrome OS is announced)
Janet: So, how long before John Hodgman and, um... that hipster guy have another person to pick on?
by Intimate B July 08, 2009
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