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n. A LAN party also meeting the parameters necessary for a hootenanny, especially when occurring south of the Mason-Dixon line. WARNING: In order for a LAN party to be an official "LAN hootenanny", ALL ethernet cables MUST be home-made, and include at least four (4) VISIBLE home-made connections. Solder on those connections is highly optional! Excessive use of duct-tape on, around, inside of, or across any computers at a LAN hootenanny should always be expected. Excessive use of the word aight is recommended for the full effect.
OneShot: Hey, Btone, what we gonna do this here comin' weekend?

Btone: Well heck, I don' know. What you say we have us a LAN hootenanny!?

OneShot: Aight. Les' go. Yer on.

Btone: Aight. You jest hold on; I'll be there in my ol' Chiv-ro-lett in jest a spell. Les' Git-R-Done.

OneShot: Aight.
by Btone June 08, 2005
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