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Noun -
a malignant and invasive psychological disease caused by an extended and intensive period of gaming, be that via console, personal computer or any other form of gaming device that can host or join multiplayer game.

Sufferers complain of symptoms, including but not limited to, extreme lethargy, unpredictable bowl movements and generally feel as if they're about to die.

Causes seem to be exasperated by ingestion of high fat, sugar or salted foods, lack of sleep or holding off visiting the toilet.

Cure consists of purging your system, holding off high caffeine drinks and a large dose of sleep over the course of the next few days.
Dan: Holy crap, I think I've got LAN cancer!
Dave: Huh?
Dan: Yeah, LAN cancer! Shouldn't have been up all over the Dobbie Hall that weekend...
Dave: Heh, energy drinks and take aways?
Dan: Aye man...
Dave: Sucks to be you!
by NICKaelHOOP February 07, 2011
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