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One who thinks he/she has done something brilliant by hacking another, when really all he/she has done has ruined a perfectly useful space of time annoying another user with his/her pathetic, destructive behavior.
Ne0- hello nate, how nice to see you.
How have you been?

Rabbit- I have been h4xz0r1ng d4
m41nfr41mz because i am teh
L337 H4x0r.

Ne0- teh gheyz0r f4gz0r more like.
by [Ne0] November 11, 2003
An "Elite Hacker."

It's usually just some retard who thinks he can hack you.
God, that guy is so l337 h4x0r
by Face May 13, 2003
One who uses cheats or hacks in online multiplayer games such as Counter-Strike. The cheater often has an aimbot, can see players through walls, uses neon colored player models, and has decreased recoil to name a few advantages.
That l337 h4x0r just got three headshots in a row! He must be cheating!
by L337 H4x0r January 27, 2004
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