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A man, usually white and well-off financially, who is stuck up and thinks he is the shit because he goes hiking, eats granola bars and nature foods, goes camping, and jogs every morning. Usually has a douchey half-beard. He will always think he is right in every matter, even though he doesn't do much. Generally lazy and not as intelligent as he thinks, but he will never know. Shows off at every opportunity possible, even when it is unnecessary and inappropriate and noone cares. Loves L.L. Bean.
*guitar playing at work*

Person 1: Where is that noise coming from?

Person 2: That's Mark. He just got back from his hiking trip. He brought his guitar into work today and is playing it for people in the break room while he eats granola.

Person 1: What an L.L. Bean dip.
by SomethingThatIsNotInUse November 25, 2010

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