a cigarette lighter. usuall u ask for a lig, when u have got a mig(cigarette)
gimme a lig.
can i have a lig for my mig.
by howie November 30, 2003
LIG, L.I.G., is the abbreviation for "Life is good," coined by the Hebrew prophet Abraham referring to Ephesians 2:10.
"I just watched my 10th son make his first communion, LIG"

"I just got my marriage annulled and I'm on the prowl again, ready for more hot catholic love, LIG"

"My son told me our priest was touching him. I made him go apologize to Father personally for his accusations and now they have been in the confessional for more than 30 minutes. I can tell good progress is being made for the salvation of his soul, LIG"
by Rynoplasm January 04, 2012
To "like something greatly" or find it cool
Dude, have you seen the new hummer? It is so lig!!!
by Deroh February 28, 2007
permutation of 'lelis ghetto rig'
1. to mangle, molest, wreck, or half-assedly put something together
2. one who mangles, molests, wrecks, or half-assedly puts something together
3. the act of mangling, molesting, wrecking or half-assedly putting something together
Guy 1: (inadvertently kicks over a coffee table with drinks on it)
Guy 2: Dude, you totally ligged my living room!

Guy 1: (walks into a room with glasses held together by duct-tape and staples, one lens is made of saran wrap)
Guy 2: Nice lig job, fucker.

Guy 1: (attempts to change the batteries in a remote control, ends up breaking it into pieces and somehow getting them all sticky)
Guy 2: You're such a fucking lig!
by bortschuss April 22, 2006
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