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L.A.P.S. (Lazy Ass Parent Syndrome) is a disease affecting children with severe behavior disorders. Notable cases include incidents of children with known (and even unknown) mental disorders performing violent crimes due to the negligence of their parents. The disease also affects that annoying child running through the restaurant while you are trying to eat or the other one throwing a fit in the toy section of the store because his/her parent will not buy them a toy.

Cases are common when parents of children choose to pay little to no attention to their children while also neglecting common sense in dealing with their child's other mental illnesses.
Ted: "Guns are a problem just look at that recent shooting where the kid played video games and then went and shot up a (insert destination here)."

Bob: "No Ted, the kid suffered from 'L.A.P.S.' had his parent(s) used an ounce of common sense and locked their fire arms up appropriately knowing they had a mentally unstable child in the house this all could have been avoided."
by Kraizk December 23, 2012
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