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A style of Karate developed by Mas Oyama who many consider the god of Karate. It's famous for it's bareknuckle competitions. Early in it's creation the founder of Kyokushin and his students went to Thailand to determine which is the ultimate striking art on earth. Karate or Muay Thai?

Kyokushin has many derivatives such as Enshin, Ashihara, Daido juku, and others. But they all have the same spirit as the same style.
Thaiboxer: Karate sucks

Kyokushin4life: I think you're talking about some other bitch ass Karate style.

Thaiboxer: no I'm talking about your bitch ass. Kyokushin Karate.

Kyokushin4life: that's it let's go!
by nappyheaded September 01, 2006
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