A 'human' who appears on The Jeremy Kyle Show in the UK.

Generally chavs who have had sex with their girlfriends mother etc. Scum of the earth.
Todays Kylers story: I had sex with my girlfriend's brother & I want to confess. And her dog too.
by shoong September 07, 2010
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a one of a kind pain in the butt and one who is never afraid to go above and beyond what is expected of them. A regular Robin Hood putting others before themselves.

People are drawn to these guys like flies, as everyone is mesmorized by their unique personalities and ability to make you smile with just a look.

Often a wiseguy cracking jokes only they think are funny!!!
I know a couple Kyler's and they are both amazing!!!
by funnypants20 February 05, 2010
The boy's name Kyler \k(y)-ler\ is of Danish origin, and its meaning is "bowman, archer".

Kyler is a very powerful and masculine name expressing incredible strength and fortitude.
I know someone named Kyler and he's totally amazing and cool. Its an awesome name.
by Wildcats24 February 03, 2010
The best guy in the world. Has an amazing smile. The most amazing green-brown eyes. Likes to party a little too much. Say no to drugs. Can say the sweetest things and then be a complete a**. Could use a little work on what to say to his girl. Sometimes is a little insensitive. Not afraid to live or to die. Lies but doesnt always remember what he lied about. Says he's in love with a girl.
Girl: Why do you love me?

Kyler:Every time i'm around you no matter what i smile, you give me happiness that i've never truly had before, and you are always fun to be around, there is not one thing i would change about you, I love you.

(the next day) Kyler to girl: Your not fat, okay maybe a little.
by A** hole Whore November 29, 2011
Kyler is an attractive hot male that gets alot of girls. Kyler is also a Ninja in training, almost a full Ninja. Kyler is Asian.
Hey Kyler, you're really cute, want to go out sometime? Kyler, you're really hot, I can see you in my future.
Kyler, maybe one day you can teach me some of your Ninja Skills.
by skater875 September 29, 2011
generally one of the sweetest, kindest people you can ever hope to meet, although he'll put up a tough front so you'd never know if you don't hold on
A: That guy? I thought he was mean?
B: No. He's Kyler. That's just a show.
by Cumberbitch42 January 25, 2012
kyler is my son. he is the cooolest kid on earth...not a fag!! he will whoop your ass and he's only three years old. he is smart as hell. maybe a little too smart...that kid know how to get the girls fa sho!! he's a playa! and he's definatly a bad ass!!
hey where's kyler?

spittin game off his tricycle!!
by mikey PC August 23, 2008
This dude is the most dope ass nigga you'll ever meet. He don't care who da fuck you are cuz that nigga give you da hands if you talk shit. Dis nigga get all da bitches and they all want dat nigga's D. He just a straight up thug ass motherfucka.
Guy 1: Who dat nigga with the hot bitch?
Guy 2: Dat nigga be Kyler. Dat nigga got all da bitches and he tappin every mothafuckin one of 'em.
by Dat one nigga November 20, 2013

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