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A faggot ass bitch who calls himself K-fab (faggot ass bitch) and brown noses the boss to get ahead because he's too stupid and lazy to do any real work. This kid will always tell you how awesome he is and receit rap songs to you even though there from 2001. This kid can be identified by lack of facial hair, Gap clothing, banana republic jeans that are 2 sizes to small, and the distinct feeling that he would fuck your sister in the ass even though she's 12. Catch phrase will be one of the following: "Got another million on my schedule", "Fuck you bitch i'm acting brand new", or repeat "Black and Yellow" 15 times in a row.
Dude I met this kid last night and he was hitting on a 15 year old and he was dressed like a douchefagercocksuckingmotherfucker. Was that kid's name Kyle Beaver?
No it was steve.
U sure?
by L33tb0y53 October 13, 2011