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This is the incorrect response to a Japanese game show question. The penalty is being electrocuted. Also see Kwakisurpipiku

Sources: Saturday Night Live
Larry Templeton: Hey, excuse me, I won. What the heck are you doing here? Just a second here.. Emcee laughs MOTHER OF MERCY, I DON'T SPEAK JAPANESE!! Emcee prepares to ask question MARY, CALL THE AMERICAN EMBASSY!! Emcee asks question I DON'T KNOW!!! Emcee prepares to pull electrical switch NO, WAIT!! WAIT!! I know it, I know it!! nervous Uh.. Kwa-.. ki-.. sur-.. pi-.. ne-.. ku..?

Emcee: Kwakisurpineku?

Larry Templeton: confident Yes! Kwakisurpineku! laughs

Emcee: Hunji! Does it count!

judges shake heads no

Larry Templeton: elated Kwakisurpineku! Kwakisurpineku!

gong sounds

Emcee: Ohhhh.. Kwa-ki-sur-pi-pi-ku! pulls electrical switch, shocking Larry
by Jacob Parker April 28, 2005
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