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The Krupp Nasty is an alcoholic drink consisting of FRIS vodka, orange juice, lemon juice, and orange peach mango. The degree to which each ingredient is added to the Krupp Nasty is subject to the designated Krupp Nasty maker. While ice is highly recommended, after drinking one Krupp Nasty you really won't mind if ice is there or not. Long thought of as a rival to the well-known Patty Smasher, the Krupp Nasty is a blend of classiness, alcoholism, and fun. Many of those who have had the pleasure of consuming a Krupp Nasty have stated that it was one of the most important and influential times in their life. However, with all good things, there comes a risk. The Krupp Nasty is highly effective. Unlike some of it's competitors which exist for reasons other than to provide a good time such as the aforementioned PS, the Krupp Nasty knows it's job and does it well.

Amounts of Krupp Nasty and corresponding levels of drunkenness:
1 Krupp Nasty- Your pretty buzzed
2 Krupp Nasty- Your pretty drunk
3 Krupp Nasty- Your fucked

Krupp Nasty slogan=Stay Nasty, my friends
Pat: Dude, how'd I get so drunk last night?
Mike: Well you started off with 4 Krupp Nasty's
Pat: Jesus man, I broke up with my girlfriend, totaled my car, and brought home a stripper.
Mike: Could've been worse with that amount of Krupp Nasty
by The Real MKPM November 05, 2011
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