Adjective: Describing one who carries out something in a cool, hip, or exciting way.
"Yo, you got some killa lines, your straight up krunkenstein on those versus, dawg"
by TrinnyLSUSA June 28, 2007
Top Definition
1. One who is in a perpetual state of intoxication, living their life in a zombie-like state. (usual alcohol or weed induced, sometimes opiates as well)

2. One who is on an alcohol/drug bender lasting days even weeks.

3. One who is prone to passing out or falling down from intoxicants.

4. a drinking (or drugging) buddy. when used in this context it is a term of endearment.

Synonyms: drunk, drunkass, alcoholic, stoner, pothead, pillhead, drinking buddy, reefqueef, diareahea shart madness and homie.

Antonyms: crackhead, speedfreak, etc.

editors note: krunkenstein can have a transient connotation as it can be temporary if the person is only krunk certain times a month but the word is usually reserved for someone who is ALWAYS fucked up on drugs and alcohol.
"Damn krunkenstein! you shit in the bathwater!!!"

"Fuck you krunkenstein, you don't remember shit you were passed out!"

"yo krunkenstein whatcha want from the beer store?"

"We are going to a booze buffet for our liquid lunch down at the tittay bar wanna come krunkenstein?"

"Alright krunkenstein, it's your turn to clean the fishtank"
by typevx August 21, 2008
Krunkenstein is the name given to someone who is so very crazy drunk (see krunk) that they involuntarily hold their arms out straight and walk around with unbent legs like a monster with bolts sticking out of his neck who was created by some crazy scientist who sewed together the body parts of different cadavers and brought the abomination to life with electricity...and booze.
Todd had too much to drink last night and he ended up a total Krunkenstein.
by PapaChabre January 28, 2006
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