A type of female that has no sense of direction and only looks in the direction of herself. She will hurt you the first chance she gets so beware.
Dont turn around or she;ll kristine you
by sicca September 08, 2008
Top Definition
A very beautiful girl that may not be the tallest woman on the planet. Very shy, but super crazy. One knows how to be kind and caring. Loves to be a part and make good of ones life. She falls, but always gets back up. Loves to have fun. and goes great with her guy. (names that start with c-t).specifically loves d's for some reason. Down to earth. beautiful yet has the brains too.
"Hey did you check out the new girl? she seems so cute and friendly."

"she perfectly kristine. :)"
by prettygirly. August 27, 2008
A girl that has everything a guy could want. She's beautiful, smart, funny, and not to mention an incredible friend. If you don't have a Kristine in your life you're missing out on something amazing.
"Wow, this new girl's awesome! She's already my best friend and I've only known her for two days :)"

"Is her name Kristine by any chance?"

"Yeah :)"
by Extensityyy June 30, 2009
Kristine, is a very popular name, from the greek orgin, a beautiful girl, who is very crazy. Usually enjoys the color teal, and enjoys penguins. Often will become successful. And will make great friends.
"Did you see that girl?" "Yea, she's perfectly Kristine"
by OMGITSMEE December 23, 2009
the most awsomest best friend in the whole world! lol dont know what i would do woth out her! ily baberz!!
kristine is funn to jump off the bridge with=]]
by klurthnvao August 17, 2008
Kristine a very beautiful girl. Usually loud and crazy! Nympho loves sex and is kinky! One of the most honest people you will meet. Will die for a friend or family but if you do her wrong or try to fight her and she will be ready.
That Kristine knows how to move her hips
by kicks212 October 27, 2013
An alpha-female with a kind heart. The apple of her friends eyes mainly because they don't know any better. She loves her friends & family both new & old & would gladly go to war for/with them. She is not the kindest person & does not have to be. Her opinions are facts & even when she is completely wrong she is still oh so right. Always available to lend an open hand when her time permits. She is unyielding when it pertains to her money & her time. Make her laugh & she'll love you forever...if she feels like it.
"I'm so sick of people feeding me such bullshit"

"You obviously have never spoken to Kristine."

"No. I should contact her."

"Noooo. Let her come to you"
by She knows her best October 15, 2013
Kristine is my little mermaid friend who is so pretty and she's always so kind. Kristine is always obsessing over her manga's or whatever you call them. She crushes on boys on her bus and when she's about to make her move but she has doubts and next time he's not there but there's this one guy that I SHIP THEM SO HARD. KRISTINE IS SO KIND BUT SO FUCKING REAL TOO I LOVE KRISTINE <3
Kristine: I love the ocean even though i can't swim Lol
by twerkinwiddit April 27, 2013
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