Bassist of former band Nirvana. Was thinking of running for leutinent governor of Washington, but changed his mind. Now is a delegate for John Kerry.
Krist Novoselic kiseed Kurt Cobain on Saturday Night Live.
by Ben February 17, 2004
Top Definition
He is a well known bassist from Aberdeen, Washington. He was in bands such as Sweet 75, and Eyes Adrift. With Sublime drummer Bud Gaugh, and Meat Puppets guitarist Curt Kirkwood. He also helped produce some of ex-Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl's first Foo Fighters albums.

Oh, and he played bass for the best thing ever to come from Seattle, a little Aberdeen band called Nirvana.

His best friend was Kurt Cobain
Krist Novoselic is god.
by Kur Dt Kobane August 17, 2003
Littler known bass player in the band Nirvana.
Cooler, hotter, better guy than Kurt Cobain
by Ka January 21, 2005
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