Krez is a Pre-Extinction Persian slang word which means

"skinny bitch". Although this could apply to women, it mostly applies to Iranian men.

Most of these men are rich but underfeed themselves due to their insecurities.
That boy Kevin is SUCH a KREZ. He is a skinny bitch and he sucks at basketball.

What type of woman would go out with that Krez?
by THE ANDY BAUER January 31, 2010
Top Definition
A Polish-Italian jackbag with a penchant for entrepreneurialism.
Bill Gates is like a rich man's Krez.
by Scott Bassin August 27, 2003
A play on words of sorts that means crazy. The KRE pronounced cray, and the Z like in easy. Thus combined, makes a sick looking word, tag, and general way to describe something well, Krez!
*also when written, xtra z's can be used, and please try not to call the tag your own unless u really want to
That switch back smith was krezzzz!!!!
Man you are a total Krez-dispenser!
Food-fights are krezzzzzzzzzzzzzz
You krez butthole!
by Alex Reid October 13, 2007
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