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The extreemly large green reptilian creature seen in the metroid games. He is usualy about 2 vertical screens tall and shoots large spikes from his stomach and thorns from his back/hands, depending on wich game. In the orrigional Metroid for the NES, he was only about 8 feet tall, as opposed to the stories-tall bohemoth of later games. He was to appear in Metroid Prime, but dude to time constrictions they cut him out.
Kraid is a generaly fun boss to battle in the metroid games.
He appeared in Metroid, Super Metroid, and Metroid Zero Mission.
by Jim October 02, 2005
Kraid, The Alpha and the Omega chatter. Often seen wooing ladies and slaying lamers.

Noun. Kraid: Object of ownage.
Adjective. Kraid: Process of being owned.
"omg! that guys gonna Kraid all over us, run!"
"one time my friend's head exploded because he looked at Kraid"
by Anonymous Chatter November 04, 2004
One of the worst video game villains ever. He's fat and he shoots spikes at you from his 3 belly buttons. What was mother brain thinking, hiring this fat sack of crap?
Graah! Look at me! I'm Kraid! I attack the brinstar depths level in Super Smash Bros Melee! It doesn't actually hurt, but its inconvenient. Look at my massive lard sack of a tummy!
by PhantoMatt February 06, 2007
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