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Used as a verb: To take something previously in great condition and completely screw it up upon arrival. Most commonly used in terms of the sport of college football in regards to taking over a good team, and be a very poor coach, and after losing to vastly inferior opponents.

Also used as a verb in terms of sports to denote incompetence.

Alternate spellings: Krag'ed, Kragcooper'd.
"Damn, I thought we had an awesome team this year but I guess we just got Kragthorpe'd"

"Man, our football team really got Krag'ed up the butt this year."

"We had a BCS team but we got Kragthorpe'd out of winning anything this year."
#football #college football #failure #coaching #coaches #sports #louisville #cardinals
by Louisville Cardinals fan November 02, 2008
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