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A force to be dealt with, especially if you go to TTHS. Basically, any security guard at that particular high school. They are prone to attack people for these reasons:
1. The sky is blue
2. They're not high anymore
3. That person exists
4. They're stupid
5. Their anus hurts
6. They were on Ye Grand Hunt For Ye Olde Reefer and you just happened to be standing there
7. They feel like s**t, so they want to make you feel like s**t, too
8. Any reason you can think of.
Me: Oh, what a lovely day, la la la la...
Krackhead Security Guard From the Seventh Ring of Hell: Move out of the way....*mumbles something about not gettin any humboldt last week and reeking of smoke and urine*
Me: *move politely but flip them off behind their backs* What a dickhead...
by Shawn B. May 05, 2003
Child Molesters at a new low.
They have security guards in schools now? Crazy Americans and their guns...
by Acid^Rogue September 10, 2003
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