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A Jewish man's genitalia. Considered the smallest variety of Caucasian penis, only slightly superior in length and girth to the asian penis. Significantly smaller than the penises of all Non-asian Gentiles.
"Oy vey", sighed Mordecai, as he looked down in despair at his modest kosher cock.
by MohammedEaster June 03, 2009
A very thick, curved penis resembling a deli pickle. Not necessarily above average in length.
While only six inches long, Jacob needed magnum condoms because his kosher cock was so thick.
by ChrisInLA September 01, 2009
The male genitalia of a Jew.
Julie: Mhm, Austin's Kosher Cock made me scream for hours last night.
Irma: Oh yeah? I bet it did you slut.
by meowmix1337 June 11, 2016
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