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Particularly people of the race different than Korean. They generally listen to a bunch of KPOP, such as SNSD, Big Bang, Super Junior, Epik High, SHINee, etc. They also believe they are Korean 'at heart', and sometimes they also write in Korean the names of Super Junior people, and etc. See Kimchi Korean for more. Korean Wannabe's tend to talk about Kpop or Kdramas, and obsess over actors such as Lee Min Ho, Lee Hong Ki, Kim Hyun Joong, etc. They are often ridiculed by people of their annoying personality/ies.
Girl : OMG! Did you see SNSD's new song Hoot? It was so awesome and hot! Trouble trouble trouble -korean words.-
Girl 2 korean : Wow, shut up. Yes, I've heard it, but you're just a Korean Wannabe. You don't know anything about Korean Culture, and i bet you're going to look it up later. Get away from me, you Korean Wannabe!
Girl : Oh. Whatever. Sarang Sarang Sarang~
by Korean. December 02, 2010
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