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Also known as 'Kook Wannabe', this term applies to the adolescent males who are commonly found hanging around North London immmitating the style of the Brighton Bands lead singer, Luke Pritchard. The Style/Dress code consists of a large curly mop of hair, a straw hat, Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, either a beaten, old leather jacket or a black cromby jacket, dark, faded, dirty skinny jeans and beaten old pointy shoes.
A local haunt for these wannabe's would be Camden of N. London. Commonly found in KOKO mixing with their sexual oppositions, indie cindy's.
"Man, did you see him, he was such a Kook Reject!"
"God man! Take that hat off, you look like a Kook Reject!"
"You're just a dirty Kook Wannabe!"
by Kate_UK May 14, 2007

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