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Fuckin Awesome, unique and means you're special and your ancestors are from one of the coldest fuckin' places on Earth, FINLAND. If your last name is Koivula, expect everyone one you come across in your whole goddamn life to fuck it up. People everywhere will say your name 50 million fucking different ways!!! But remember it's unique and awesome, so fuck em'! It means Strength, Honor, Pride and Loyalty and in my case it's also IRISH... because I'm IRISH too, so, yeah! My last name's supposed to be Keegan which is awesome too but I got my mom's ex's last name go figure...
How the fuck do you say your name? Where does that come from?

Teacher- How do you pronounce that?
Koivula-Motherfuckers will not stop asking me this goddamn question!!!!
Teacher- Is it Russian?
Koivula- No bitch, it's Finish!
Teacher-Oh 0_o
Koivula-I'm going to junk punch the next person who asks me stupid questions about my last name! Learn how to pronounce you fucking IDIOTS! Hahahaha
by Mr. Mothfuckin J. Koivula October 05, 2011

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