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Short for: Quoi de neuf.

The French expression for: What's up? What news? What's good?
Lara: Salut toi. (Hey you)

Michelle: Salut ma belle. (Hey beautiful)

Lara: Alors koi 2 9? (So, what's good?)

Michelle: Rien de spécial. Et chez toi? (Nothing special. How about you?)

Lara: Ben, rien non plus. (Well, not much either)
by Faty October 01, 2008
French IM slang short for 'Quoi de neuf?' or 'What's new?'. Perfect to use in order to add a little french chic (aka snob up) your conversation.

Pronounced Kwah-duh-nuhf with a french accent.

Other forms of spelling: 'Quoi de neuf?' 'Koi de neuf' or 'Koide9'
Antoine: bah salut mec koi29?
Thomas: pgc. toi?
by ColoredShadows July 20, 2010
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