an amazingly talented basketball player on the Los Angeles Lakers, who has been compared to MJ and who as of right now is the best player in the league!
Kobe Bryant is orgasmic. (:
#basketball #amazing #lakers #fantastic #orgasmic
by babycakes(: March 03, 2008
deal a blow to, bitch slap
You better shut up before i Kobe Bryant your ass.
#hit #slap #kobe bryant #basketball #nba
by Daillbusta March 21, 2007
The best basketball player in the known world. Dude put up 81 points v.s. Toronto Raptors on Jan. 22, 2006. He averaged more than 35 points per game in the 2005-2006 season.
Zach:Who do you think is the best player in the league?
Jordan: Are you kidding me? Kobe Bryant , no doubt!
#basketball #nba #lakers #kobe #player
by J-MAT December 06, 2006
A Fag. Has a butterfly tattoo on his right arm, signifying his ultimate gayness. Changed my jersey number from 8 to 24. Why? because I am now 3 times as gay!
I am kobe bryant. I cheated on my wife, and I got caught. Now i have a fuckin gay ass butterfly tattoo to prove it.
#kobe #kobe bryant #basketball #nba #gay #fag
by Vanessa Bryant April 29, 2007
1. Rapist
2. One Who Performs The Act Of Rape
"See that girl over there? Im going to drop a roofie in her drink and pull a Kobe Bryant on her."
#rape #basketball #criminal #crime #narcissism #egotistical #overrated #scum bag #douche bag #asshole #piece of shit
by g-ziss November 20, 2007
The biggest fuckin waste of talent in the NBA
Yeah that nigga Kobe got skillz but he cant help the lakers win a game cuz hes to busy rapin white girls all day
by K-Feezy fo Sheezy May 17, 2005
A very talented Basketball player the deserves recognition and respect despite all the haters hating on him out there.

Kobe has taken over the leading "All Star" role from Michael Jordan . . . In Jordans last game the NBA nation saw how destructive Kobe-Wan Kenobi is. To be perfectly honest, Jordan didn't even match up to him.

Maybe Kobe and the Lakers arn't have the best results at the moment . . . losing to the likes of LA Clippers. But that's a team effort . . or lack of effort, Including Kobe.

Kobe Bryant holds the record for most points scored in a game . . and he holds second to that above Tracy McGrady of the Housten Rockets (third).
#lakers #bryant #best basketball player ever #god #sexworthy
by Nick Valentine May 01, 2007
Kobe Bryant is known for many, many, many things, positives and negatives. Let's start with the negatives; He unintentionally forced the only other thing the Lakers had going for them out the door, in Shaq. In doing so, he also forced Phil Jackson out too and Phil wrote a book about how uncoachable Kobe really is. Lastly, and frankly the most negative thing about Kobe, he got away with a rape trial in Colorado. But seriously, the NBA is a bunch of thugs, that could have been anyone.

Now let's move to his positives, on the court. He is the most gifted player in the league right now and will continue to be until there is no more motivation left for him. Phil Jackson contradicted himself and returned to coach the "uncoachable Kobe." The thing you have to realize about Kobe is his willingness to win, whether it be him taking 25+ shots a game or scoring 10 points and 12 assists. He is the most diverse player in the game and is a grandfather now of all aspects of the game. People who sit down and appreciate what he does ON the court will see how he makes those precision behind-the-back passes and those textbook baseline fade aways. His offensive game is unmatched in today's NBA, he has range from anywhere on the floor, he has court vision, he has flawless speed and vertical and lastly he has the presence of mind for any situation in a basketball game.
"Oh my goodnees, that was a KOBE bryant three!"

"Oh shit, Kobe has done it again..."

"Kobe dropped 81...thats unheard of in today's game"
#kobe #kobe bryant #nba #mj #michael jordan #81 #lakers
by MCFLYY March 08, 2007
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