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1. One who is overwhelmingly in love with Kobe Bryant.
2. One who will make up any and all excuses to defend a bad shooting night by Kobe Bryant.
3. Teenage girl very much in love with Kobe Bryant.
4. Teenage girl with a big crush on Kobe Bryant.
The "Kobe Lovers" were out in full force after he made a remarkable shot that won the game and despite him missing the previous ten shots and shooting 4-26, the "Kobe Lovers" said Kobe was the sole reason the Lakers won the game.
by Real Lakers Fan May 19, 2004
Someone Who (God Forbid) likes Kobe Bryant
Someone: I Like Kobe Bryant

Someone Else: Yeah, well, your nothing but a Kobe Lover!
by CAperas September 17, 2006
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