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When an asshole knives you in a game (especially when there are no knives in the game) and that kill defies all logic and physics, they just used a Ko power
Gamer 1: "I'm so safe in this tank"
Ko Destroyer: "THINK AGAIN Ko powers ACTIVATE"
*Ko Destroyer lunges through tank with a knife, destroying it, and shrapnel kills the entire enemy team*
Gamer 1: "what the fuck just happened"
Ko Destroyer: "meh, I've done better"

Gamer 2: "I'll be safe in this corner"
Ko Destroyer: "not for long, Ko powers ACTIVATE"
*Ko lunges through a wall, halfway across the map*
*Gamer 2 has left the game*
by RagingFlame62 November 26, 2012
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