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(KJHS) A school in the woodlands where there are about 10 black people 15 Mexicans and the the other 800+ are white, there are so many white people that even the white people complain about it. a lot of them think they are in the ghetto when most of them don't even know what the ghetto really is most of them think if something is old its ghetto. a lot kids smoke pot but not as much as other schools. all of the girls have Flat asses except for about 5 and most of the girls them stuff there bras. the white kids even have the nerve to say nigga. And the whole school pretty much fails at all sports. the also are the only feeder school too college park high school. witch has a lot of the same attributes. In general there all stuck up white kids that wanna act like there tough or had a struggle through there life, but its not there fault there parent were successful in life but spoiled there kids. they all act like they aren't spoiled and say there family is not rich but they're just lying so they fit the woodlands stereotype. except for a handful of people who really are poor.
guy 1: I might have to go to Knox Junior High

guy 2: the school with the douche bags and dumb blondes

guy 1: thats exactly the place im talking about
by Kid who went to knox November 30, 2012
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