A Japanese name meaning "Beautiful Tree," pronounced kee yo shee.
Kiyoshi! What a lovely name for a boy!
by CorkieTortie May 22, 2010
Top Definition
Sexy ass exhibitionist.
"did you see his pictures all over FS he is such a Kiyoshi!"
by yeahyouknowmefairouz February 21, 2009
A magical man... if you get the chance to meet a kiyoshi it would be best to run up to him immediately and ask to see a magic trick, it will be a once in a life time opportunaty. He can even untie your shoe laces or change their color with his wizardry powers. A Kiyoshi is VERY muscular and probably a born genus since he is asian. A Kiyoshi usually very stylish tank tops and as a young fellow an adorable comb over. Kiyoshi also loves horses... even sometimes horse meat. A Kiyoshi always loves Austrailia and is VERY into 1 Direction... He usually had all the boys written in his books. Overal if you know a Kiyoshi you should feel honored, its a rarity to meet such a talented magician... keep this wizard close.
person 1- "OMG is that a Kiyoshi?!"
person 2- "YES!! can't you tell by those yellow shoe laces?!"
person 3- "I must go talk to him!!"

*All three run over and Kiysohi feeds them horse meat*
by Mary-Beth Jones January 18, 2013
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