Endearing name for a woman's genitals (vagina), mostly used by Southern women. Kitty is a softer term preferred by adult ladies in an erotic context, which has a totally opposite connotation to the much less socially acceptable term cunt (which is rarely used by proper women and considered offensive).
You're not getting out that door until my kitty gets on that cock.
by Ray Vergara October 12, 2007
anything that looks fun, cute, bad ass, or an actual cat
1.Look at the kitty!
2.What the water tower?
1.Yeah thats what i said the kitty!

1. The duck you dumbass!

2.Do you mean that flaming man over there?
1.No you shit! the cat right there!!
by acstubbs11 June 18, 2007
The oppisite of a pimp but a girl. She is always in charge and can be a tease at times. She wants a guy but doesn't need a guy.
Boy:after the movie lets go to my car.
Girl:pfft no! I don't think so now buy me my movie ticket.
Boy: dam girl your a feisty kitty! I like it.
by hot I3itch March 10, 2009
The act of softly striking a peer resembling that of a kitten playing with it's yarn.
Yo this foo just came up and gave a kitties!
by Tig Skew March 27, 2004
a girl thats bad as hell, chill as ice, and pretty as fuck.
Kitty is so sexy!
by vanchronic420 November 19, 2011
The girl next door. She is gorgeous smart and funny. Nobody can help but love her. She knows how to control how people se her and is friends with all kinds of different people. Even her imperfections are described as perfect. Her signature is her nails.
Wow. I've never met anyone who was such a Kitty.
by frigginfroggygirl September 04, 2010
pile or box of money. Like when you are playing poker, the money in the middle is the 'kitty'
If you want in on the pizza, you better pat that kitty
by martino500 May 06, 2010

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