Noun: A silly, coy reference to a friend, particularly between a female and male nerd. Used and created in 2004 by thelinuxgirl ;). Often used in conjunction with an ascii kitten face =^..^= .

Alternatives: Kitteh-face Kitten-face kittenface kittyface
Example: I <3 you kitten-face. =^,,^=

Example: Were you going to connect those NIC's to the switch Kitten-face? =^..^=
by thelinuxgirl January 28, 2013
Top Definition
Aka. Billy Shallow, A cute little male kittycat who spends the majority of his time sleeping. It's easy to love him and he'll happily purr away!
Have you only just woken up kittenface?
by Luluxxxxx April 18, 2011
Oh such a wonderous thing, a cute smiling kitten face.
That baby cat has a wonderful baby kitten face
by thepaupaldaddy May 11, 2011
a situation caused by a large number of cum shots to the eyes,
when one wakes up from a long night, barely able to open their eyes like a newborn kitten.

"hey bro, you should go wash your crusty kitten face off."
"ooh, he so sweet, he can kitten face me any day."
by joseph melnick February 01, 2007
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