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When a woman is wearing a bikini or other revealing piece of clothing and her pubic hair is clearly visible and poofing out like a small furry creature might be rearing their head out for all the world to see.
Kitten Smuggling:

"DUDE!, BRO, look at that chick she be smuggling a kitten in them draws.. maybe a whole litter of 'em by the looks of it"

"Excuse me fine gentleman, I would request that you take a gander at that young woman over yonder; for she appears to be concealing a young animal of feline ancestry in her undergarments- to be quite frank, it seems to me that she is smuggling a muthafukkin kitten in her muthafukkin pussy(Two Pussies)."
by J-Barb Zero-Carbs December 18, 2008
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