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When you're in the kitchen going around in circles because you can't remember what you were doing there.
I was in the kitchen this morning walking around in circles wondering what the hell I was looking for when the microwave beeped reminding me I was heating up my cup of coffee. My Kitchenheimer's is getting worse!
by Greg Houck December 20, 2008
When you walk into the kitchen for something and immediately forget what you walked there for, and have to go back to the physical location where you started out before you can remember what you were going to the kitchen for. Can happen repeatedly.
X: Why are you standing in front of the sink?
Y: It's the damned kitchenheimer's. I'm gonna have to go back out to the living room. It's, like, the third time. (Starts out) Oh yeah--I wanted to get some ice cream.
by pieplate August 06, 2009
According to markiplier, it is the henchman to a kitchen Hitler. Similar to how Hitler had henchmen to do his dirty work, a kitchenheimer would do all of the dirty work for the head chef of a restaurant.
"Man, I hate being my boss's kitchenheimer. Just because he doesn't want to do the shit-work around the kitchen since he's the head chef doesn't mean that I WANT TO do it."
via giphy
by The Water Hoe May 12, 2016
The condition marked by a tendency to perform repeated snacktreks.
I'm fuckin hungry, there's nothing to eat in this dump, and my Kitchenheimer's is acting up!
by abraham thinkin' January 23, 2009
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