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A woman or girl who lives in the kitchen. Their passtimes include sandwich making, cooking and cleaning. Occasionally a Kitchen Dweller will migrate to the outside world but you might notice their lack of intelligence because this is not their natural habitat. These are called Kitchen Immigrants.
person 1:My wife is in the kitchen making sandwiches for our party.

person 2:Good. That is what a Kitchen Dweller is for.
by imawesome9909 June 22, 2010
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A person who has a tendency to wonder while drunk in a kitchen pretending to look for food ultimately ending in urination.
"oh damn man race is such a kitchen dweller nah what i mean?"

by YoungIvo March 24, 2010
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1. a woman in a kitchen
2. a name for a women not doing her job
3. someone in the kitchen for a long time
The kitchen dweller made me a sandwhich

The kitchen dweller was breaking her rule buy being let out of the kitchen without permission
by LOL Women April 14, 2011
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